If you are separating or getting divorced, there are likely to be financial issues which need to be resolved.  With our help you will be able to achieve a settlement on finances with your ex partner or wife or husband.  Our aim is to achieve this by agreement if at all possible, even in complicated matters.

To do this, we may refer you to a mediation service to assist.  And if agreement proves impossible we will make an application to the court for you.

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements

If you are thinking of getting married or entering into a civil partnership you may wish to enter into an agreement prior to regulate how the assets should be distributed in the event of divorce/dissolution. Often where you are entering into a second marriage you may wish to protect assets for the benefit of the children of the previous relationship.   We have the experience to deal with this for you.

Many couples find this a difficult issue to address as they wish to remain positive about their relationship.  However, a pre-nuptial agreement is likely to provide peace of mind and may avoid painful arguments in the future.

Cohabitee Agreements

You may be thinking about moving in with a partner and perhaps considering entering into an agreement prior to this, to set out the bases of your cohabitation, such as who will pay the mortgage or rent or whether the person who may have put down the deposit on the house would have it returned if the house had to be sold.

In the event of the relationship breaking down the agreement can then be used to avoid a complicated dispute and expensive long drawn out court proceedings. We have the expertise to deal with this for you.

Unmarried Couples

Contrary to popular belief, if you are not married to your partner you have no automatic legal rights for financial support however many years you have been together.   Property ownership can also be very complicated following separation.


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